Monday, November 23, 2009

Today... HSC All My Own Work (and tomorrow, and...)

Today I have been rolling Year 10 students through the library's computers to do HSC All My Own Work. Over 200 need to get it done.  As each one finishes, I'm sending for the next one.  Haven't sat down all day, my initials have been needed nearly 400 times (and are getting more baroque/scrawly by the time) and it's been madly busy.  Thanks be most students are co-operative; I wish I could say the same of the computers...I prefer such technology consistent rather than contrary! 

HSC AMOW will take up a lot of this week; except Wednesday afternoon, because Wednesday night is The Oscars, I mean, the Year 10 formal, and hair appointments, fake tans, facials, makeup and primping of all sorts and kinds (I read today that the industry around formals is now larger than that around weddings!) will of course take priority over anything else.  They do settle down a lot by the time the Year 12 formal rolls around...

If you're not in NSW, HSC AMOW is a program about issues such as copyright, acknowledging sources and so forth, and the site has information and quizzes.  All HSC students need to have completed HSC AMOW before commencing Year 11 work - our school aims to get 'em done at the end of Year 10, so they're ready to roll at the start of the next school year.



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