Friday, November 6, 2009

The happy life of teacher librarians: Busy

Today I:
  • invented television (well, not quite, but you could not get past the crowd in the foyer this morning) (pics next week, OK?  We're still refining it...)
  • were busy with classes all day (except last period, which was quiet, and a grace moment to draw breath)
  • found books by cover description, story description, doyourememberItoldyouaboutitlastweekmiss description, findmesomethingelseIlikebecauseyoudidlasttimeandIdid, scattered them on tables for browsing, found them on shelves to 'hand-sell', went from adventure to insects to Into the Wild to The Endless Steppe  to alovestorywithadventuresmiss..
  • read more NaNo stories (my favourite phrase from one girl's tale: "We belong together - you are the cheese and I am the macaroni" - PRICELESS! - and watched them being written (I'm behind and have to catch up, so I have at least five kids who are going to ask me on Monday if I'm on target with my word count - hope this will goad me to write enough!)
  • thought about the bookmarks for the latest theme (mentioned yesterday) but didn't quite get to them - and then luckily found some NaNo ones from last year which will do till I get the new ones designed)
  • typed the last two paragraphs of a student's scholarship application (because I type at around 80wpm and he doesn't and the bell had gone and another student was waiting for the computer) and suggested some polishing he was pleased with
  • was delighted to tell a kid from sport yesterday that the score he made was so improved that he'll be in the next group up next week - a quiet kid, he was so pleased!
  • printed off a copy of my article in the current Scan, about re-imagining your library, to give to my Principal
  • agreed to host a student for a week of work experience (couldn't get him in to the local council or tertiary library, unfortunately, and he really wants to experience library work)
  • watched students enjoying the library, the cushions, the comforts, the books, the place...
  • enjoyed the company of kids and teachers, their energy and laughter and individuality, scooting around the library during class time and lunchtime
  • got to use one of my phrases for miscreants a number of times: when I catch a kid doing The Wrong Thing (and it's not a major evil and they're a kid who'll play along with this and respect the opportunity), I ask, do you want the short version or the long version?  Short, they usually say.  Don't! I say, and they and I know exactly what I mean without my going into a long spiel about what they and I know they shouldn't do.  And we exchange a look of agreement, and the matter is dealt with and done in a civilised way.  And I generally don't have to repeat myself, at least not with that kid.
  • ate half of my lunch by day's end (and was glad for the weekly whole-staff morning tea)
  • told a student how to be really boring when replying to inquisitive friends about something she can't talk about.  Demonstrated, too, and won a grin from her, and I hope a sense that the situation wasn't as dire as she had thought.
  • checked our borrowing stats - we're still running at over 75% higher than the average of the last three years - woohoo!
  • knew that I'm going to have to get stuck in to my NaNo novel or I won't get to 50,000 words by the end of November
  • cheered for colleague Sue Pitt who was quoted in an article in the Daily Telegraph today about the Twilight phenomenon
(I'm sure the list above is not complete..Why not write out yours, and see all the fun you've had today?). 
...and now it's the weekend.  Enjoy!
PS. I forgot, I also wondered behind which of the built-in cupboards in my office a mouse has so inconsiderately died.  I know it's there, as its soul remains, at least on an olfactory level...and they always expire in inaccessible places...


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