Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tomorrow When the War Began: film/movie

As reported in Read Alert here, there is a film / movie version of Tomorrow When the War Began in the works.  I've lost count of how many sets of this John Marsden series I've bought - in the last ten years in this library, I'd have bought at least three complete sets, and only retired the copies that were, as they tend to get, utterly exhausted and falling apart from being loved to death.  When we have holiday borrowing, and double borrowing comes into play, it's a popular pick to borrow the LOT.

Read Alert draws on an entry from Dark Horizons you can find here, and in turn that draws on a longer report from Hollywood Reporter you'll find here.  The director is Stuart Beattie, co-writer of the film Australia, and the plan is apparently to make a trilogy of films from the first three books then move to a television series for the rest.  Filming to start in September.  John Marsden's site links to a shorter version of the HR report from Reuters that you'll find here.

And it already has a page on the Internet Movie Database: click here.  Bookmark that one if you want to check back on developments. 

Cheers, Ruth.

PS I've detailed very carefully the trail of info, what I've found where, as I always try to do, and added value by finding more links/info myself.  If this is the first place where you read about this, and you want to merrily blog it yourself, gosh it would be nice if you could note/acknowledge where you first read it, as I have done.  I've had a few people recently who've lifted things from my blog (sometimes even word for word) and used it on their blogs without attribution.  Please be courteous in your use of information...plagiarism ain't purty.  Play nice.  Thank you.

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