Thursday, June 11, 2009

The happy life of teacher librarians: founts of knowledge

A couple of lovely girls, poring over a newspaper job section, called me over at lunchtime.



"Can you help us with this?"


"We're looking for part-time work."  First formal jobs, I'd be guessing.

"OK."  They're checking out something in the casual work section.

"What's a..." (one reads from the paper) "... lingerie restaurant?"

"Ah, well.  Not somewhere you'd want to work, sweetie.  I'd guess that the waitresses wearing as little as possible is a higher priority than the quality of the food."

"Ick!  No way!"

"Very pleased to hear it.  Wise decision."

"Thanks, miss."

"No worries."
There are so many ways to be useful, as a teacher librarian.  Just last week at the school's Crossroads seminar (where all sorts of health issues are the topic under discussion by/with senior students) I had a couple of girls ask me earnestly at morning tea just how long a Pap smear took for the doctor to do.  All righty then, you say to yourself, if they're game to ask....without an exact minute count to hand, I had to resort to, ...ummm doctor picks up 'salad servers'....inserts.....time passes.... and so forth.  You get the picture.  The happy life of teacher librarians!  Absolute founts of knowledge!  Although I hadn't heard the analogy used in the intro to the section on checking for testicular cancer know how you play a Playstation?..... see?  Always something to learn, too!!

Cheers, Ruth.

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Holly Frilot said...

Fabulous post! I love the "little things" we get to do that make this job so interesting and fun. Thanks for sharing!

Holly Frilot
Library Media Specialist