Thursday, June 18, 2009

The happy life of teacher librarians: how to appal a student



"You know when you were young?"

"Yup."  I'm not sure how much of a feat she thinks this is, remembering So Long Ago.  Harrumph.

"Did you really not have the internet?"  She clearly can't imagine how this could be.

"Nope.  No computers when I was at school, either."

"Oh my god, miss."  I am clearly an object of considerable pity.

"We didn't have mobile [cell] phones, either."

"Oh-my-god!!!!  What did you do?" (Currently her mouth is hanging open enough to catch Louie and every one of his winged pals).

"We did have phones."

"Oh.  You mean those dially ones?" (She does a dismissive hand gesture).  "I hate those.  I won't use them."

Ah, the luxuries of the young.  And the happy life of teacher librarians, when it's so darn easy to appal them with tales of long ago.  Well, not that long ago, but it depends on how you measure time.  I have heard, more than once, students say, "When I'm old, like, 26..." and my old, old self chuckles.....

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