Monday, September 1, 2008

Interview with Twilight's scriptwriter and more

Melissa Rosenberg is the scriptwriter on the film of Twilight.  Read an interview with her here (and it's not just relevant to Twilighters, but also to those interested in the process of translating a book to film).  The interview's from the Shock Till You Drop site.


Shock: The first Step Up was your first feature film, Twilight your second, furthermore, an adaptation which can be tricky. Can you talk about the process of sifting through what Meyer established then deciding what to keep and what to excise?

Rosenberg: It was less trimming the fat and more condensing it. There are a lot of conversations that play well obviously in the book, less so on the screen - the sitting and talking scenes, I mean. The essence of it, you distill it down to the essence of those character's emotional arcs and still hit the same points to move the story forward and stay true to the book.
For another view on the Twilight film, the director, Catherine Hardwicke, has a production blog here


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