Friday, September 12, 2008

Fiction Friday: The story of the little mole who knew that it was none of his business

I run a high school library, and this is one of the most popular books in the place.  Juniors, seniors, the kids read it together, read it aloud, read and laugh and enjoy an experience they can only get from a book.
The mole, at the start of the book, acquires the head decoration you see here.  Yup, it's poo.  So he goes in determined search of the rotter what done it, consulting various experts along the way - most of whom helpfully demonstrate that it isn't their poo.
You can see the appeal - kids, poo, a marriage made in... well, made somewhere.  A guaranteed snigger, at worst, but this book is so much better than that.  It's just fun, and gets a chuckle from pretty much any kid (I've used it as a mood-changer).  And does the mole succeed?  Ah, read it and find out.
If your home library and school library don't have this one, buy it!
Image source:  The Book Depository.

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