Sunday, January 2, 2011

Save your Delicious bookmarks before they vanish!

We interrupt holiday silence for a brief announcement...

Assorted news reports and tweets and so forth indicate that Yahoo is planning to sell Delicious, and mentioned is the ominous word 'sunset'.  Hmmm.  I've been a happy user of Delicious and certainly don't want to lose my bookmarks.  I also want to keep using an online bookmarking site for its convenience - my bookmarks available from any computer.  Social bookmarking is a handy beast.

I exported my Delicious bookmarks to a saved file on my computer, so I have them as they stand (login to your Delicious account, and exporting is an option in the Tools menu).  Next, I was going to import them into Google Bookmarks (there are literally dozens of possibilities, as I found reading said articles/tweets) but hey, the Google instructions assumed you have or can install the Google toolbar and Firefox.  I'm on a DET laptop right now, and can't do either.  So instead I toddled over to Diigo and it was easy as pie to set up an account and import that saved file.

So now if you look over on the right you'll see a list of my latest Diigo bookmarks.  I'm not alone; millions of Delicious bookmarks are apparently being exported/imported elsewhere as we speak.  It's not a bad idea, anyway, to export one's bookmark file and save it to a computer from time to time, just in case...



PS. Another section of my presentation on Personal Learning Networks that I'll have to revise...

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