Monday, January 24, 2011

Library Day in the Life, Round 6, Monday

No, you didn't miss rounds 1 to 5 on this blog; this is the first time I've played.  You can read all about a myriad of librarian lives at the wiki here.

But, you say, it's not term time yet; we aren't back till Friday...

The foyer waiting for its new start-of-year display

...ah yes, but it's handy to come in and get a few jobs done while it's quiet.  Collect some paperwork and save some documents I want to work on between now and then. 

It's dark and quiet and soon won't be either!

Sniff the air, remember the roads to school, past the orchards and horses.... say howdy to the folks here (some teaching colleagues, my lovely cleaning lady, the maintenance boys)...

I made some chocolate brownies to take in for the cleaners and maintenance boys.  Went down a treat!

...and then flit off to have a tad more holidaying before the summer's done.

Thinking over the day so far, I started library work before leaving home, when I checked my Twitter stream and saved some links to follow up.  Been doing that all holidays - so many good things have come up. 



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Kate said...

Hi Ruth,

I love your blog post today - very apt, as I am in my office tidying and planning this week, before staff come back next week and students the week after.
I love the pic with all the banners - they look amazing!! You are inspiring me to do something interesting before my students come back...