Sunday, January 30, 2011

Blog headers

This weekend, I retired this blog header:

which features our fabbobananas purple word wall, and installed a new blog header, because, well, I've clearly been influenced by waaay too many refurb shows.  Or maybe I just felt like a change.

You remember this photo, taken with the iPhone app Hipstamatic (Kodot film, John S lens) last week?

Foofing it through the iPhone app TiltShift, then cropping and adding some text with a photo editor, arrived at this:

which I rather like because it includes some of the important things about the library - Keep Calm, Welcome, heart, colour, inspiration.  And I like the lairy colours.

Just like it's good to keep your library refreshed (what will you do this week?), it's good to keep your blog refreshed too.  As well as playing with some new toys.  Now to see how I can use these apps to make stuff for school...

Do you like it?




Shane Symonds said...

Ruth: I like it though it took me a bit to recognise what was going on! A change is as good...Also good to hear you enjoyed the movies - 3 movies in one sitting? You are keen! Regards, Shane

lhowlin said...

Love the bright colours. Looks great. It is going to be a great year.