Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What do teacher librarians do?

Wordle: Teacher Librarian
I've been working on my submission to the Australian government's inquiry into teacher librarians and school libraries.  Sometimes it's interesting to see your thoughts in a more graphic form, so I did some playing with Wordle and the above image (click to see it larger) was one result.

I went through several versions, with the same text each time.  Interesting to see what conjunctions the Randomize button produced.  Tweaked colours, fonts - that Randomize button is evilly addictive!

Submissions to the inquiry close this week.



PS Blogger's playing sillies with images, so it's a tad smaller than I wanted to show you here.    But you can go bigger here.

PPS No, I'm not saying it's definitive.  But one view.  Not planning to include this graphic in my submission, but I thought it would be fun to share.

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The Librain said...

I love your Wordle - particularly the use of words like "discombobulate"!!! Yes, we do - every day :) I see school librarianship as a great opportunity to break down the stereotypes of how students see us. Yes, I am middle-aged and I do wear glasses - but I am also really into technology. And that does discombobulate many students and staff here!