Thursday, April 22, 2010

Images + quotes on Learning and Change

Spotting this on the ever-useful Bright Ideas blog, I followed the link to find the Flickr group called Great Quotes on Learning and Change.  Lots of PowerPoint ready image+quote combos for staff development (and student applications too).  Check each individual image's page in Flickr to see the possible use under copyright (eg. which rights are reserved, if has a Creative Commons license etc) before using it. 

Also useful to give ideas for developing your own versions of this style of PowerPoint slide with your own photo/quote combos.



who once put together a fabulous presentation with what I thought was a lovely changing waterplay background using a series of photos of a water feature from outside an art gallery.  Great source, eh?  Someone enquired which sewer I had photographed...... sigh.  Cain't win 'em all, can you?!!

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librariantiff said...

Thanks so much for sharing this! I'm gathering ideas to put together a video about technology to share with the leaders in my school system, and these quotes will help a lot. They have some really good ones in there.