Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The happy life of teacher librarians: an opinion on graphic novels

Well, as blogged earlier this one's out and about and providing some succour to the Twilightery while they await the Bree Tanner Twilight novella and the film of of Eclipse.  Even avid Twilight-haters who love graphic novels grudgingly agreed that it was well-drawn - mostly monochrome, with splices of colour for specific effect/impact.

I've blogged here about other graphic novels (click the tag to see other entries) and will continue to add them to the school library, where plenty of kids are reading and enjoying them.  The happy life of teacher librarians of course involves buying things to suit the customers, whether or not they're setting you on fire personally (and of course metaphorically). (Well, I'd rather nothing actually did that with matches).

As the personal opinion of an (I'll admit it) middle-aged teacher librarian, can I just say that I find graphic novels rather too aerobic?  Perhaps it is my long years of reading print/text, but graphic novels go by flickety flick, page turning much faster than a print novel.  While I don't mind seeing things illustrated, flickety flick, and have heard at least once that a picture is worth a thousand words, flickety flick.... y'know, with graphic novels, for my taste, I'm not so sure flickety flick.  I think, by and large, I'd rather have the images in my head than on a page flickety flick.  All that constant page turning flickety flick isn't restful reading, at least for me.  Reading is only an aerobic activity if it also involves a treadmill - and then it's the treadmill that's aerobic, not the book.

Am I the only one who thinks this???




librariantiff said...

Graphic novels stress me out! All of the words and pictures all mixed up here and there and everywhere is just too much for me. I completely understand that this fact makes it more appealing for some readers, but I'm not one of them :)


Shane Symonds said...

Not sure, Ruth. Much as I love the printed word and so on, there are some graphic novels which have an effect on me. The effect is not the same as a great novel - as you say, flick...- but I can still enjoy them. Will add a post tonight re the latest fave...Regards, Shane