Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thank you

Thank you.

Thank you to every reader of this blog, whether you're a fabulous teacher librarian looking for ideas or a frantic fan hunting Twilight fonts (guess what is still the most popular blog entry here at Skerricks...!!).

Thanks for reading this year.

Thanks, most especially, for comments and links and your ideas/contributions.  Comments are so appreciated (special mention of Fiona, a most regular commenter! - her useful blog is A Reader's Random Ramblings).

Thank you to all the online sources I've been able to draw upon.  I love what the internet makes possible.

Thank you to the many teacher librarians who inspire me with their brilliant ideas and enthusiasm.

Thank you to the readers of the articles I've written this year, and the audiences at the presentations I've done for ASLA and the Met West teacher librarians.  It's been fun to share ideas with you.

In our library, the loan rates are up, the library looks better now than it did at the start of the year, with more to engage kids, make them comfortable, encourage them to read and learn and be happy in the library, and we've had fun.  Stocktake is done, plans are being made for the new school year in 2010 when the happy life of teacher librarians will continue.  Thank you to my wonderful staff, without whose enthusiasm and willingness to listen (when I utter the dreaded phrase, I've had an idle thought...) have made so many things possible.

I was able, this year, to contact the teacher librarianship lecturer whose presentation to my English teaching method class over two decades ago persuaded/inspired me to change my other teaching method to teacher librarianship - without her, I wouldn't be a teacher librarian, and this blog wouldn't exist.  Being able to thank her was a highlight of 2009.




The Librain said...

Thanks to you for sharing your brilliant ideas with us all. You have had a major impact on the design of our new library and on some of the smaller day-to-day things that I do. So huge thanks!

Anne - The Librain!

Ruth Buchanan said...

Thank you, Anne! Cheers, Ruth