Monday, December 14, 2009

E-books and e-book readers in Australia; and the last week of term

If you're interested in this topic, read Kathryn Greenhill's blog for lots of useful information, links and more.  Especially useful because it's from an Australian, relating to what's available here.

In answer to a recent question, no, nobody has sent me a Kindle to review (sigh!).

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Apple's e-reader tablet computer seems likely to become available in 2010 (read the article here).  Pricey at $1000US, though.

It's been crazy-busy around here with the end of the term and the school year (Australia's school year follows the calendar year) fast approaching (just this week to go), stocktake, chasing overdues and supervising some renovations we've been undertaking too (imagination, paint, fabric and people saying "WOW" quite spontaneously!) (I'll hold the pictures and info on those till next term, because we ain't quite finished...).  So blog entries have been not quite daily as per usual.  But I'm sure you understand, dear reader.  Don't you?

Pictures of the other school library Christmas trees will, however, go up this week (when I have ones that are in focus, my little camera doesn't always like lit Christmas trees).    Three days left with the kids at school, two days after that of staff development activities, and then it's the summer holiday break, hip hip hooray!  Still lots to do before the final bell...



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Fiona said...

Hope the last week of school goes well. My daughter is in Year 6 so we have had the Yr 6 Farewell, tonight is Presentation Night and Wednesday is the Yr 6 Assembly and Walk of Fame (all the kids are applauded as they take one final walk around the quadrangle to the tune of a suitably tear-jerking song). Keep mentioning ereaders and eventually someone will be sure to give you one...