Friday, December 4, 2009

My Place (TV series) tonight on ABC3

My Place, the picture book, is brilliant.
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Fingers crossed for the TV version.  Series 1 starts tonight on ABC3, 13 parts covering half the book (success will likely translate to the second half being filmed, one gathers).

Read more about the TV series here in an article by Greg Hassall from the Sydney Morning Herald (also the source of the image above).
PS I won't mention that it clashes with Collectors on the ABC, because that's why we have DVD recorders and programs with repeats...

ADDED LATER: If you couldn't find ABC3 on your DVD player, you might need to run the setup program that finds channels again - since ABC3 is new, it wasn't there if you ran the setup months/longer ago when you acquired the DVD player.    You might even find other channels launched since you ran the setup.  Bonus! (And you can guess exactly why I mention this.  Yup, I'm going through the DVD player's channel guide and wondering where ABC3 might be found... - it's the set-top box/digital receiver, not the telly).

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J Bar said...

Good to see a write up for this book and tv series. I am loving the show, even though I'm an adult.
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