Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mentoring Ideas: Planners to download free

As well as the PocketMod I blogged about the other day, I wanted to find some planner sheets for my mentor students to put on their walls.  They have school diary/planners, but waking up and SEEING that date looking back at you is therapeutic (or something).

Microsoft Word has templates you can download here for both calendars and planners.

Interestingly, a bit of googling showed me that some sites are blinds for naughty trojan virusy things, so take care. Some sites offer a reasonable amount of free material; some you find want a signup or only offer a sample before wanting dosh.  I've also aimed to avoid ones with logos etc.

Here are a few better ones I found (no particular order, look at each to see what suits you and your kids).  You may find that Mon-Sun is your preference - many US sites prefer Sun-Sat, but some offer both.  I found these links through this ehow list.

Sample Words has free undated weekly planner sheets in Microsoft Word and pdf form here.  Calendars (dated) here for a monthly layout.

EprintableCalendars.com has free printable one month calendars here.  They also have weekly planners with dates Mon-Sun (eg. August 2009 here) and two month planners with space below for notes Sun-Sat (eg. August - September 2009 here).  Three months? (Aug/Sept/Oct is here). And for a whole lot more -  planner ideas, blank and dated, daily/weekly/monthly - click here.

The homeschooling community has an interest in planners and organisation - TheHomeSchoolMom has a bunch of links here.

Kristen's guide has planners here.

I haven't tried printing these all, but this serves as a collation for me of what seemed most useful - and by sharing it here, I hope you find it handy too.  If you have other sites/ideas to suggest, bung them in a comment!  I think I'll get my kidlets to print the three month one, so they develop an appreciation for the longer view.  At present their work habits seem to be feast or famine, a rather exhausting way of working.



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