Monday, August 3, 2009

The happy life of teacher librarians: the fashion edition

Part 1:

A group of Year 11 students were working on creating glossaries of design terms this morning - given the terms, and a pile of different dictionaries, so they can compare/contrast/come up with the best definition for each.

Hmmmm.  Dictionaries.  A tad distracting, as you may be aware.  Full of Exciting words, some rather Illicit.  Or Saucy.  Or, not to wrap it up in clean linen, Entrancingly RUDE.

They were hugely disappointed to discover that the word they pronounced FART-hingalley (I will leave it to you to wonder why the first syllable is emphasised, and what other words they might have been browsing in the F's... ) was not only one I knew (farthingale) but was also able to explain.  Ah.  Poor dears.  Still, they did discover the excitement of dictionaries, although how much progress they made on their glossaries, as opposed to how much they might have made...

Part 2:

In an article (in today's SMH Guide) about the second series of the ABC's The Librarians, actor Robyn Butler says she was delighted to re-open Frances O'Brien's wardrobe, a fashion style she calls "public servant stroke school teacher with a little kick to Community Aid Abroad.  And, it has to be said, comfortable."

Read it and weep.  This is the outsider view of our sartorial splendour as teacher librarians?  Sigh.

The happy, afashionable life of teacher librarians (but hey, she can speak for herself, I checked what I'd worn to work today and it was NOT in her parameters!!!) .



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Anna-Mieke Leo n1905759 said...

I've only recently become a TL and had in the past been known (at least at my college!) for some fairly daring fashion choices... consequently, friends volunteered (kindly) to warn me if I ever looked like a "libraaaarian" ...I got a warning last week!!! ouch! ... there's something about being on your feet all day that just cries out for flat shoes and comfortable clothes....i only needed one warning ... ;-)