Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The happy life of teacher librarians: MISS, CHEWBACCA IS DEAD!

Note: They are not so distracted by their outrage as to move very far from the heater in my office on this nippy morning, but outraged they are.

"Miss, CHEWBACCA IS DEAD!  Did you know that?"

Since my knowledge of the Star Wars oeuvre is mostly limited to the first three films released, as being the Star Wars Of My Youth, I can truthfully say, "No, I didn't know."

It gets worse.  Much much worse.  "And Miss, they killed him off in a COMIC!!" - as though this atrocity is unforgivable - not bumping him off on the grandeur of film, but merely on an illustrated page. (The library doesn't have any comics of Star Wars, but we do have some of the novelisations that expand on what's been filmed).

It's hard to know how to respond to this, isn't it?  "Really?  Gosh!  How do you know?"

"Wookipedia, Miss."


"No, Wookipedia.  It's a Star Wars wiki."

Ah, so that's two things I've learned this morning.  I commiserate on this terrible news (actually the comic seems to have been published some time ago) and learn that the deed was due to Anakin Solo.  Who is the son of Han and Leia.  (Make that three things I've learned).

And then the bell went.  So they had to leave my heater.

For your delectation: Wikipedia on Chewbacca; Wookipedia on Chewbacca (a quick skim through the second alerts me to just how minimal my knowledge of the Star Wars universe is - what an immense mythology of the imagination has been spawned by George Lucas' first film, which I remember seeing in my late teens).

There's so much to learn, as a teacher, isn't there?



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