Thursday, April 30, 2009

The happy life of teacher librarians

He'd been in yesterday.  A quiet boy, a library regular.  Bad acne, sweet smile.  "So," I said, in my standard post-holiday conversation gambit with kids, "best bit of your holiday?"
Making launchable Lego cars, he said.  With suspension.  I was impressed.  We established that he could show me pictures, but he'd need to bring them on his phone, and our school's rule about mobile (cell) phones is out of sight and switched off.  "No worries," I said.  "I wouldn't confiscate a photo storage device with photos of your Lego cars on it."  He twigged.  So he came in today and said, with that sweet smile, that he'd brought his photo storage device.  Showed me lots and lots of photos, launchers with springs and Lego cars with huge tyres, and I made admiring noises and tried to ask intelligent questions, and he left happy.

Then two of the Twilightery came by, to talk of cabbages and kings.  One got on to the work of Sherrilyn Kenyon, which we have established is the other side of the 'bonking line' in vampire/paranormal romance, and thus not within the scope of this library's collection.  The other commented that she preferred the greater subtlety in Breaking Dawn to anything too icky-obvious.  PE/Health classes cover the obvious, after all.  And so the discussion went on.

In what other job could you cover launchable Lego and the bonking line in paranormal fiction, all in one recess?  Woohoo!


Fiona said...

I love to read your blog! I follow it, so whenever I check out my blog to post or check if I have any comments, I head over here to Skerricks and always find something interesting. I'm doing my MEdTL at CSU and not working in a school at the moment, so I'm not able to put any of your ideas into practice yet, but I love to hear about your interactions with the kids.

The King's Library said...

The comment 'the other side of the bonking line' is totally spectacular!

I love you blog, I subscribe to your RSS feed and think you are fabulous.
Well done.
New Zealand

Tehani Wessely said...

Finally catching up on my RSS feeds. I love the "bonking line"! And I too have had some happy life moments already this term. Is good!