Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Encouraging readers: Shirley Prescott's excellent presentation

It's not so easy to read on this blog, maybe, but toddle over to the original URL to read Australian librarian Shirley Prescott's presentation, Return to Reading: a UK Bookmark.
A whole bunch of links and ideas; and even though it references UK programs and has a public library focus, there are many ideas applicable to school libraries. 
The section above talks about selling the 'sizzle' of reading, rather than just specific authors - because when you've lent out that author, it's all gone, whereas sizzle can take readers through a whole bunch more options.  I'm sure we've all known the frustration of having lent out a spiffing book, and then having a queue for that book; few of us can afford multiple copies of many titles.
She also discusses how to make libraries more user-friendly, how to encourage impulse borrowing and what makes a display effective at encouraging borrowing (eg. once they're less than 70% full, interest drops off - keep your displays topped up).
Much useful food for thought.


Karen and James said...

Hey Ruth

Thanks for the post. Do you know if the actual slides are available?


Ruth Buchanan said...

This is all I've found so far, Karen. If anyone knows where the slides are available online, please let me know so I can add to this blog entry. Thanks, Ruth.