Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Halloween decorating

OK, so it's early to be thinking about Halloween decorating.  We did it last year, and the kids liked it.  So we'll have another go this year.

Oddly enough, Ikea's Christmas 2008 decorating included some colours which seemed more Halloween to me than Christmas - black, orange, green anyone?

So when I spotted these:
well, the black ones, on special for under $4 the pair (they're sturdy enough and 6in/15cm in diameter) I invested in a few.  The size they are means that even in the largish spaces a library can have, they will have some impact.  Here's the source of that image and their info page on the Ikea site.  Ours came from Homebush Bay/Rhodes Ikea in Sydney - they're in the As Is section.  But take a squizz at the Ikea nearest you.  Sooner rather than later.
I found a few other treasures there, which I'll blog about.  Lots of good ideas for inexpensive library decor/display/marketing with pizzazz.

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