Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Culture Now: a social magazine about art, design and media

What is this?  It's a Playpump.  The Playpump is a great way to make clean water available to people in third world countries. The pump is essentially a merry go round which is powered by kids or adults and serves to retrieve water from deep below the earth. With most schools in deprived regions not being able to afford playgrounds for children, the Playpump addresses more than one problem simultaneously.
I found this, and a cornucopia of other items on modern culture, art, design, media, at Culture Now.
The Playpump is an example of its offerings in the Objects section (read more, and see a diagram of how it works here).  The Objects section has a bunch of fascinating subsections:

  • Art

  • Exterior

  • Extraordinary

  • Gadgets

  • Graphics

  • Interior

  • Personal

  • Utilitarian

  • Vehicles
The Interior one, for example, has great examples of current modern design featuring designers such as Kareem Rashid.  Useful for Design and Technology and other subjects too.  Explore.  Tell your colleagues and let them explore too.


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