Monday, June 2, 2008

Twilight: Breaking Dawn cover

Just to get your Twilight enthusiasts even more enthusiastic, here's the cover design for book 4 in the series. Image from

I'm putting together a list of 'books for Twilight enthusiasts while you're waiting for Breaking Dawn'. We have some at which we point them - but do add your suggestions in the comments, and they can improve our list, which I will of course share on this blog. Among those on our list are the Vampire Academy series and Sunshine, by Robin McKinley. It's good to have keep-'em-reading lists like this.

(Idle thought: if Bella's the queen, who's the prawn, I mean pawn? Edward, merely a pawn? Jacob?)

ADDED LATER: here's a link to Stephenie Meyer's FAQ page with an explanation of what this cover means.

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Anonymous said...

people who have read 'midnight sun' off the internet i am ashamed of u! now steph isn't going to put it out! I am being a good little twilight reader and refuse to read it.