Tuesday, June 17, 2008

TED Tuesday: a different view

Instead of listening to a TED talk today, go and look at their website.


The access you have is either through a list of themes, or a 'visualisation'.

I don't have the answers, yet; still thinking. But I wonder how that style of presenting information is something we should be considering in relation to how we teach, how our libraries are organised, how we are communicating with our students.

For now, I don't know how to program such a layout/format, but that's not really the point.

Many teachers came through our own education in the linear, text-based age (I was chuckling last week when our school internet cable had been damaged, and there was no internet at all for two days till it was repaired - ye gods, how DID we all manage to get an education without the net???) and yet our students operate in a world that also includes hypertext and the visual in ways that we, too, need to incorporate into the learning environments we create, to engage them where they're at and bring them along on this educational journey.

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