Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Holiday borrowing

Since part of the art of teacher librarianship is burgling the wheel, or at least flatteringly imitating it (rather than reinventing it), this is an idea inspired by a colleague. She mentioned her program of 'holiday borrowing' - on the OASIS library software system, loans taken out in the last two weeks of term fall due on the first day of school after the holidays. Thus, the normal two week loan period can be up to four weeks. Oh, and if you're not in NSW, this is the second last week of term two.

This is the bookshelf unit from Target that I mentioned a little while ago, all assembled and in the foyer/entry of the library. The twelve shelves provide lovely dark boxes to make individual books stand out, but to promote holiday borrowing, I've put a bunch of books, new and older, in four categories that students enjoy - adventure, fantasy, fun and the real world. (So it's more 'packed' than it would usually be, but for a purpose).

The plan is that over the next two weeks, the shelves will be replenished (as the books are borrowed) and we hope students will take the opportunity to borrow more than they might otherwise have done. Our literacy focus in roll call is currently sustained silent reading, so it ties in with that too.

I've also set up a couple of other things to support our holiday borrowing push/program - of which, more later.

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