Friday, May 16, 2008

You learn something new every day #1

Some days it's just great to have someone look over your shoulder and point to something on the screen , and say, why don't you....

For example, Why don't you click on the button that sizes up this trailer to the full screen?

Excellent. I just learned something - didn't know what that box icon was for, hadn't particularly noticed it. Float the cursor over it, and I'd have learned. Ah well.

A nice thing is, it works for TeacherTube videos too.

On one of the TL (teacher librarian) lists I belong to, there's been a brief discussion recently on stupid questions. See, the thing is, if you don't ask 'em, it'll take a lot longer to learn. I'm not a techspert, but I know stuff and I know how to ask questions, I'm a teacher and a learner, and that's likely to be The Way Things Are for the rest of my career. And that's fine.

I'm sure some of you knew how to use this little button, but in the hope that some didn't, and can now say, 'ooh-that's-clever' - well, it's worth posting this.

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