Wednesday, May 14, 2008

5 Ways to Get Out of Faffing Mode

One for the senior students, perhaps? As teacher librarians, we have got opportunities to convey dispassionate advice - some seniors we rarely see, while others work in the library whenever they have a study period. Giving them a cheery greeting as they walk up to the senior study, or advising them about which areas of the library are booked/not booked, all these things build bridges, make the library staff known as people who help. Not that this prevents the necessity of pinging them at times for being too noisy, or the need to point some faffers, who are disturbing others, in the direction of the door.

When I was a year adviser, I maintained a page on the school's network for my year group, and this is the sort of link I would have added to the section on study skills: 5 ways to get out of faffing mode (courtesy of

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