Friday, April 4, 2008

Poem of the Week No. 10: Numbers

This week's poem is Numbers, by Mary Cornish. The Library of Congress in the US has a project called Poetry 180, a poem a day for American high schools (hey, we teach 202 school days!) and that's where I found this one.

In roll call/focus group time (20 min each morning) our students have been undertaking a variety of programs to work on their reading/literacy/numeracy skills. The next 6 school weeks are about numeracy, so a poem about numbers seemed apt, supporting another school initiative.

While I usually supply a colour paper copy of the week's poem to each English teacher (and any other teacher who wants one, eg. the Support Teacher (Learning)), I also supplied a copy of this week's selection to each Maths teacher (with the offer of regular poems, if they wish).

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