Saturday, July 9, 2011

Picking over the bones: cheap library furniture

Sad though it is to have two major Australian bricks'n'mortar bookshop chains closing (Angus & Robertson and Borders), I noted the other day at the store nearest me that they are selling off a lot of shopfittings, including perspex book holders, wire folding book holders, storage cubes and slatwall, that could be useful for libraries.

I got some perspex book holders (five linked units) for $10.  The wooden storage cubes were $40, the slatwall $100 for a large section (which would suit the end of a shelving run, for example).  Little hinged wire bookstands $2.

Don't know what your local store may have/may have left, but it's an opportunity to obtain some decent quality used bookstore/ library furnishings at bargain prices. (I said hello to the other local TL who happened to be in the shop at the same time...!)




Shane Symonds said...

Sad times indeed, Ruth. As I say in my post ( , while it is good to score a bargain, the context is not a happy one. Thanks for reminding me to post...

Lyn said...

I would love some Zig Zag sheving. Well done with the shopping.

Claire said...

It's so sad to see Borders closing down. I have spent so much time in those book stores over the years :(
I did want to get some of their fittings for the Library I work at but unfortunately we had one Librarian finishing and one starting in the time that it was closing. I got told to wait for the new librarian to start, but unfortunately by then it was too late and we missed out. It looks like you picked up some fantastic things though! That would have been great.