Friday, May 20, 2011

GIFSL* 59: Shhhhhhh! (in the senior study)

Accustomed (and happy) as I am as a teacher librarian to engage with the idea of 'working noise' (let's be real about it, very few school libraries are hushed temples of learning at all times), the senior study area upstairs in our library is a different matter.  There, seniors are expected to be doing silent, individual work; if they want to discuss work or work as a group, they must be elsewhere in the library so the senior study remains a haven of silence and academe.  At least this is my goal (and appreciated by students seeking silence and academe).  So while I wouldn't put this picture up in the main part of the library, it's handy-dandy and apt in the senior study.

Aren't I a clever pop-artist?  Um no, I'm a clever shopper.  It's from Ikea, measures a decent 50cm x 70cm, the item name is Solmyra and you can find it here for a mere $19.99:

Bargain.  Looks good.

(the three other pictures you can see were from Ikea As-Is a couple of years ago at a mere five bucks each).

I'm tempted to buy two more of these Solmyra ones to reinforce the message (it's an ongoing work...!) and have them going down the wall as a nice repetition....



*GIFSL = Good Ideas For School Libraries .  An ongoing series on this blog (and gee whiz, I'm up to #60???)


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That's lovely! I will have to have a look next time I'm in Ikea.
P.s. LOVE your blog!