Friday, May 6, 2011

10 ways libraries matter in the digital age

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Greg Landgraf has a short, sweet, to the point and pointed blog entry about 10 ways libraries matter in the digital age.  Here are his main points:
  • Libraries serve the disenfranchised.
  • Libraries are a gathering place.
  • Libraries are a first step to literacy.
  • Libraries are there for all ages.
  • Libraries help people use the internet.
  • … And libraries help people use the internet better.
  • Libraries are interested in your privacy.
  • Libraries are hubs for preserving the past.
  • Libraries are there in a crisis.
  • Libraries offer the human touch.

Read the whole article here on the American Libraries site.  I find lists like this useful to reflect on what my school library does, what my work is, what both are and could and should be.



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Lynn Swannell said...

I think most school libraries could put a tick against each of these points. I agree with you about these being great ways to reflect and revise what we do and offer