Monday, March 7, 2011

What is the view from the top of the Eiffel Tower?

Fancy you asking that.  I have the answer right here.

and if you toddle on over to the Arounder site by clicking here, you can take a 360 degree tour of the view.  One to share with your languages teachers?

The Arounder site has 360 degree tours of art museums, world cities and more.  Here's a glimpse of the Asia/Pacific/elsewhere selection:

If you'd like to take a squizz at the hometown of this blog, Sydney, there are twenty options, not only the (expected) Sydney Opera House.

If you want something more astronomical, how about Mars or the Moon?

So one for LOTE teachers, art teachers, geography teachers, science teachers and more.  Share it!



Found via Twitter.  @brainpicker consistently comes up with a whole bunch of great links.  Definitely worth following.

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belinda Doyle said...

Ruth have just read "Tansy Farlow and The home For Mislaid Childeren" by Jen Storer ....shades of Roald Dahl but a great read and easy. One of those books where suddenly you have read 100 pages and cannot imnagine where the time has passed to . Have a great weekend. Cheers Belinda Ersko.