Thursday, June 10, 2010

Top 10 customer service skills for library staff

From this terrific blog entry at The Learning Round Table, A Collaborative Learning Experiment: Top Ten Customer Service Skills for Library Staff:

  1. Greet every customer
  2. Be aware of non-verbal clues
  3. Listen
  4. Restate the problem or question
  5. Be empathetic
  6. Provide alternatives to “No”
  7. Reserve judgment
  8. Get (back) to them as soon as possible
  9. Follow your gut instinct
  10. Thank them for using the library

Trust me.  Go and read the entire article.  Then (as I did) pat yourself on the back for what you do; and work out what you can do better, or start doing.  One to share with all library staff.  From a customer's point of view, that list is the service you'd like to get, isn't it?

And is this customer service replaced by the internet?

I think not.



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