Monday, June 21, 2010

The happy life of teacher librarians: a Monday conversation

Hi Miss
Good morning!
How was your weekend?  Did you enjoy the quilt convention?
[note: we had previously discussed our quite different weekend plans]
Sure did.  Got these fabrics to make a quilt for a sick friend [I happened to have the fabric bundle in my hands when he accosts me, so I razz him a wee tad by showing them to him, knowing I'll be admiring his weekend loot.  He evinces polite, brief interest, and I know I should let him off the hook, he's BURSTING to talk about his weekend.] And you?  How was your Supernova comic convention?
I was hugged by Optimus Prime! [thanks be I recollect he's a big Transformer.  I think]
Wow!  Do you have a photo of it?
No...but I have photos of me with other characters
Bring them in to show me.
And I got a Green Lantern ring!
And this Scott Pilgrim graphic novel - it's great, you should get it for the library.  There's only one bit to worry about, and they don't actually have sex.
And I hung out with [a group of Australian comic book creators, name escapes me], and it closed at six and they had to chase us out of the building.
Sounds like a great day.
It was!
Don't forget to bring in those photos to show me...

The happy life of teacher librarians: weekend edition!  And I can now capably refer to 'cosplay' and 'glomping'.  The comic crew was [momentarily] proud of me.  Not bad for an old lady (they'd already told me that the only people at the quilt show would be nannas, like 70+...!).



PS Found great little display item at Ikea on the weekend.  Will share it this week.  Cheap, useful, lots of potential, reusable.  Bargain!

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