Friday, May 7, 2010

Whatever happened to the book?

OK, this isn't one to give half an eye over a cup of coffee while six kids ask you six entirely different questions, from photocopier operation to the third Melissa Marr book (it's Fragile Eternity, and the next to be published is called Radiant Shadows - there's a book trailer for that on her site, too).

Where was I?

Mark Pesce has written a long, thoughtful analysis of e-books, e-texts, hypertexts, digital texts, what reading means in the context of these: he covers a whole bunch of stuff in an intellectual discussion that's definitely worth reading and digesting.  Whatever Happened To The Book?



Discovered via @RossJTodd on Twitter.  Read another blogger's post about this at Darcy Moore's blog here.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ruth, Fascinating stuff from Mark Pesce and one to tag for future reference. By the way 'Radiant Shadows' is in the book stores now.