Friday, December 12, 2008

Twilight dolls

Hmmm.  Did you notice something odd about that image?
Here's a hint....
Yup.  Twilight character dolls.  Likely to be over $100US.
Read an article here, and the manufacturer's website is here.
(Images sourced from those links).
Verdict on the Twilight film?  I enjoyed it, and am hearing positives from the kids who've seen it (released yesterday in Australia).  Very amusing to hear audience responses to favourite characters, scenes, quotes, events.
Busy times in the library right now.  Stocktake, end of the school year (which it is in Australia, we're heading for the summer holidays) and so forth.  So there'll be another week or so of entries, and this blog will take a summer break.  Woohoo!

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