Monday, October 13, 2008

YA for Obama

A lot of notable YA writers are supporting Barack Obama at the YA for Obama site eg. these entries from Scott Westerfeld (do the math Democrat vs Republican) and the Cecily von Ziegesar, creator of Gossip Girl

As Scott Westerfeld points out in an entry on his own blog, Mess o' Politics, it's the young who get to pick up the tab into the future for mistakes made now:

I’ll let in on a little secret: YA authors are political.
After all, our books are all about what the future holds, who’s got power and who hasn’t, and how bullies can and should be taken down. They’re about figuring out your place in the world, and making a stand when things are just plain wrong.
What could be more political than all that?

here’s secret number two: teenagers are political too.
Teens understand that power matters. Their lives are controlled in some pretty astonishing ways, both by adults and by each other. (I’ve always said that the success of Uglies is partly thanks to high school being a dystopia: a bell rings and you march to your next station; what you say and wear is monitored; the newspapers are censored—for your own good!)

In response to the YA for Obama site, a book reviewer, Jessica, has set up YA for McCain.

Having perused the carefully sourced info here, I'm glad I wasn't the Wasilla librarian, back in the day.

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