Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Search Google 2001

As part of its 10th birthday celebrations, Google is, for a limited time, offering you the chance to search the net with the 2001 version of the Google search engine, complete with that snazzy logo and results from the Internet Archive.  Gee, is it really ten years since I remember reading something in, was it Time magazine? about a search engine that would have us abandoning Yahoo and AltaVista and Dogpile?

Play here.  But it is only there for a limited time, it will be gone sometime in October 2008.  Could be an interesting voyage for kids - YouTube, for example, didn't exist.

To quote from the FAQ:

So what exactly happens when I do a 2001 search using this cool interface?

We've set up this search page to return many of the webpages from our 2001 index as results. When you click on a webpage result, you get taken to today's live version of the website. When you click on the link to "View old version on the Internet Archive," you are taken to the earliest 2001 copy of that webpage on the Internet Archive so you can see what the full webpage used to look like.

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