Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The happy life of teacher librarians: a conversation about careers

Me: So, what are your plans after you finish year 12?

Senior student: I thought maybe the police, or Duntroon to be an army officer

Me: OK

Senior student: I thought about being a vet, but then I learned that they have to put animals down, and I COULDN'T do that

Me: it is something they do

Senior student: And knew I couldn't be a doctor or a nurse because of the injections and blood and stuff.

Me (puzzled): so you don't like killing animals, you don't like blood or injections, but you're considering a career where you might have to shoot people someday?

Senior student: Oh.  Yes.  But.

(and we laughed.)

It's such moments that can make teaching a very very amusing career.  Also it generally doesn't include putting animals down, blood, injections or shooting people.



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