Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The happy life of teacher librarians: maybe bunnies weren't a good suggestion...

One of the Year 9 boys has been making 'films' using his DER laptop computer.  They're animated, with black stick figures and silhouettes of other items.  He showed me one yesterday.

Kid: Look at my film, miss!
(film runs for a couple of minutes, stick figures running up and down various obstacles, and shooting guns at frequent intervals)

That's a lot of frames you have in there!

Kid: Yes, 150 of them (a fair amount of dedicated work for him to have done, nice to be able to praise him for it)

So how do you put it together? - must have taken you a while

Kid: I download the images from the internet then put it together myself.

Well done!  You know, though, all that shooting (I look kinda sad) - couldn't you make your next one about fluffy bunnies, and daisies, and sunshine???

Kid: Oh, I've done one with bunnies.  I had a four wheel drive run them over after about twenty seconds.

The happy life of teacher librarians.  Maybe bunnies weren't a good suggestion...!!!




Anonymous said...

I miss your blog posts, Ruth! I have been checking each day. There are many times I should have written a comment and had no time, but please know that I appreciated your great ideas and enthusiasm. I hope you are well.
Alison :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Ruth,
Just to say how much we have enjoyed your blog in the past, and how we have been missing your updates.
We hope you are o.k. - maybe you are having a well deserved holiday
Jennifer J.