Thursday, January 21, 2010

Popping in during the summer holidays

Near the end of an excellent summer break (they're all excellent; it's only the young who find them long and boring... miss, I was bored and was glad the holidays were over.  Crazy kids!  Us old folk revel in the time!!) I've popped into school for a few hours several days this week.  I won't get everything done that I would like to, but a few things are sorted.

Would you like some sneak peeks at some of the changes from the end of last term and finds from the holidays? There's been some working and some renovating and some excellent discoveries...

Peek #1 (where's that been used?)

Peek #2 (what's the keyboard on?) (and do you appreciate the holiday key choice/allusion??)

Peek #3 (four shelf units in fiction, not three? but only three fit in, before...)

Peek #4 (a desk with a creative twist...)

Peek #5 (improving the view)

Peek #6 (now where will you find this, six times?)

Peek #7 (love the post-Christmas sale at Ikea!)

Peek #8 (maybe these will, or maybe not, but the kids will enjoy them)

Peek #9 (what's this for?)

Peek #10 (what's the plan for this?)

Peek #11 (today's find)

But what does it all MEAN?  (Do comment if you wish to! - hmmm, if anyone gets most or all right, I might even find a prize of some sort).  Stay tuned to Skerricks in 2010 to find out more.  I've already started on entries which will roll out after school goes back, the day after Australia Day (OK, Australia Day is 26 January, for those outside Oz).

In the strange but true department, I took a batch of chocolate brownies to share with the cleaners/general assistants at school, and just look at the shape left after they'd been (first) attacked:

...squint and it's sorta kinda a map of the US.  It didn't stay that way for long... Now it's maybe a map of Vatican City; or possibly an uninhabited section of the Pacific - ie a clean plate.

Enjoy the end of the hols (if you're on hols like we are still, woohoo!), see you next week...



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Fiona said...

Oooh, what a tease! Maybe you could do a post titled "what I read over the holidays" - I'd love to hear.