Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Art in the Library

Part of making the library a welcoming place is to have plenty to entertain the eye. I'll take some photos of what we have over time, but for now, today's excellent news is that one of our students has agreed to sell me a copy of her Visual Arts major work. She completed high school (the HSC) last year, and this was a photography work - I was able to help her a bit with her research for it. And was blown away by the results. Unlike many major works, it's reproducible, and she's agreed to make one copy (involving several canvases) which will go on the library wall. It's colourful and inspiring and it's great to have such good quality student work to display long term.

It's worth taking time, if you can, to see your senior students' major works - maybe there will be something you could buy and display in your library. And it's wonderful encouragement to other students who follow them through the school.

We do have other temporary exhibitions of student work through the year, from a variety of faculties/subjects.

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