Monday, February 14, 2011

The happy life of teacher librarians: Today I... (a late Day in the Life)

Today I...
  • supervised the library before school and at lunch, and throughout the day
  • worked with a teacher during roll call to ensure all her class had books (and buried the 'lost library card' excuse) - we had lots of great books out on the tables and they all found something to read.  One in particular was very happy to get a brand new copy of I am Number Four - film out soon.
  • helped a teacher set up the digital projector
  • introduced a Year 8 class to adventure fiction book possibilities and found novels for individual students
  • met with the Principal and SAM regarding library SASS staffing and discussed same with my head teacher
  • discussed a future lesson combining adventure fiction and film study with an English teacher, revamping a lesson I created last year for her class, which she liked and wants to repeat this year
  • bought fundraising Valentine's Day jellybean bags (and gave them away to eager students)
  • because I'd baked Valentine's Day chocolate brownies for my staff
  • copied the file of last year's school photos for the computer co-ordinator (who ate a brownie with considerable enthusiasm)
  • discussed a work issue with another colleague
  • ate lunch with my library staff colleagues (we also ate brownies)
  • watched a short "Batman safety video" that was an obsession of one of my students.  You must watch this, Miss!  Hmm, I still prefer the so-bad-it's-good shark scene from the '60s Batman movie
  • was the recipient of three sheets of perspex from a staff member who knows I was after some (I'll show you why in a later post) - she found a cheap source and only wanted a can of Coke in return - and then was more than happy to settle for a brownie (brownie diplomacy is fine fine work!)
  • added a Jeff Kinney article to the display cabinet with book and film reviews (usually of books from films - I added a bunch of new pieces there last Friday)
  • lent and reserved and discussed books with students
  • helped some lost Year 7 kids out with a late note
  • calmed down an agitated Asperger's kid who was worried about why the book he wanted had gone from where he left it on Friday (it's called borrowing, honey, but we can reserve it for you...)
  • asked the general assistant to trim a couple of pieces of MDF for our new bookcases
  • admired the bookcase my school assistant had assembled (will show you soon when all three are done, they're FABBOBANANAS! - photos soon!) and helped put it in its planned location, where we all admired it again
  • reminded seniors of the distinction between 'study periods' and the no-go concept of 'free periods'
  • organised a student who's doing a short volunteer project with us for his Work Studies course (will post about that, too - it's a very very handy list!)
  • discussed the senior study skills program with one of my colleagues, saw her presentation draft and helped with image/Flickr/Powerpoint advice for slides with impact
  • organised the duplication of study skills materials
  • planned the worksheets needed for my study skills presentation on Thursday (topic: Ethical Assignments, a revision/reminder of HSC All My Own Work)
  • discussed/demonstrated Hipstamatic (iPhone camera app) with several people
  • shared some brownies with our wonderful cleaner
  • got to the end of the day and wondered about how fast the day had gone!

Today, I am sure, this list doesn't represent everything I did; but it's a reasonable, representatively varied and busy if inevitably incomplete, day in the life of a teacher librarian.  And tomorrow will be different again.  All the fun of the fair!  I wasn't at school during the sixth round of Library Day in the Life (I'm number 93 of about 250 on the wiki here), but figured I'd get to a reasonably representative day sometime. 

How did your day go?



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